Countertops for an impressive remodel

When you’re ready to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, countertops could be a large part of your process. These surfaces serve multiple purposes, so a specific material may suit you best. There are many choices, with each one offering characteristics of its own.

If you've never considered your material options, this is a great time to do so. You're sure to find the perfect match as you browse the available options. Here are some facts that will help with your decision.

Consider all-natural granite countertops

These surfaces are an all-natural choice that supplies superb durability and an excellent lifespan. Granite countertops are perfect for a busy home that sees food prep, homework, crafting, or other activities. You can use this space confidently, knowing you're not likely to see damage from regular daily wear.

This choice provides décor matching and a variety of visuals. And since no two pieces are the same, you’ll never worry about mimicking someone else's look. Instead, choose the perfect color and fabrication for results that last for years.

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Quartz countertops are an impressive choice

Quartz is not a natural material, so the surface will likely appear flatter and more uniform right from the start. However, quartz countertops are durable under pressure and last decades with professional installation. In addition, you won't see many scratches, stains, or scuffs when you choose this surface.

One of the best things about quartz is that it mimics other materials. Choose a marble, slate, or granite look without the necessity of sealing the surface. Pick a color that matches your décor, and you'll get a look that keeps you current.

When you’re ready to choose the perfect material, you'll find plenty of choices at your disposal. Likewise, you'll quickly find all the answers if you have questions about your countertops. Be sure to speak with an associate while you're here.
Countertops in Port Neches, TX from Summer’s Abbey Flooring Center

We’re here for your countertops and more

At Summer’s Abbey Flooring Center, we're here to ensure your complete satisfaction with any size remodel. Our inventory is stocked with products you can use, and our associates will help you from start to finish. So, take time to share your needs and preferences, and we'll take care of the rest.

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